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Field Spaniel

Veterinarian Reviewed on January 5, 2008 by Dr. Janice Huntingford

Physical Characteristics

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Breed Group: The Field Spaniel belongs to the Gun Dog and AKC Sporting Group.

Weight: The Field Spaniel weighs from 35-50 lbs (16-22 kg).

Height: The Field Spaniel stands approximately 18 inches for the male, and 17 inches for the female (43-48 cm) at the withers.

The Field Spaniel sports a solid black or liver coat. Some dogs have bicolored coats with tan markings or roan (speckled).

Coat: The Field Spaniel has a moderately long, silky coat and fringed ears. This single coat is flat and slightly wavy. Its coat offers some protection from thorns and water, a good defence especially useful for dogs that hunt, retrieve and live in the countryside. Comb or brush the coat 1-2 times weekly. Trim the hair inside the ears and between the foot pads.


Character:The friendly Field Spaniel has a playful, active nature. With its tracking, hunting and retrieving abilities, this breed likes to carry items in its mouth. This hardy dog enjoys the fresh country air.

Country of Origin: The Field Spaniel originated in England during the 1800’s where it was used for bird flushing.

History:The Field Spaniel descends from the Cocker, Sussex and English Water Spaniels. Because of unwise breeding, this dog’s physique developed into a very long body with heavy bones on short legs. During its history, the Field Spaniel suffered low populations, yet revived.

The Field Spaniel has “Field” as a nickname.

Temperament:The Field Spaniel is social and devoted. With its affectionate nature, this docile breed loves praise. As a talented hunter, the Field Spaniel can work independently.


Training:Firm yet gentle training benefits the Field Spaniel when young. Be aware that this pet can easily forget what it recently learned. Teaching the young Field Spaniel to be around both humans and other animals will help make it a good pet. With a physique suited for activity and stamina, the Field Spaniel is known for hunting on land and water. The Field Spaniel is also adaptable and can be a watchdog, but not a guard dog.

Activity:The Field Spaniel requires daily exercise, such as long walks on a leash. Let this working field dog run in open spaces and explore the countryside. Activities shared between house and the yard work well.

The Field Spaniel is well suited for living in a house in the country. While this breed enjoys human companionship and other pets, it can be cautious around strangers. To be on the safe side, the Field Spaniel should not live with small children. Do not allow children to tease. This healthy dog can make a good watchdog, but not a guard dog. With its active nature, the Field Spaniel is not suited to apartment life. The Field Spaniel should not be left alone for hours or it may bark and tear up furniture and wallpaper. When the Field Spaniel drinks water, it may slosh on the floor. Some Field Spaniels snore.


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