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Lucas Terrier

Veterinarian Reviewed on December 6, 2008 by Dr. Janice Huntingford

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Terrier, but not formally recognized.


Approximately 11-20 pounds.


Approximately 9-12 inches.


A Frost Lucas Terrier can be any shade of tan while an Irwin Lucas Terrier should have a white coat with markings in colours such as black, tan, or badger-grey.


The weather resistant coat consists of harsh fur and is of medium length.



Lucas Terriers are friendly dogs that get along well with people and other dogs. Intelligent and delightful, these dogs are very affectionate and charming companions.

Country of Origin:

Great Britain.


This rare breed was purposely developed in Great Britain during the 1940’s by Sir Jocelyn Lucas who crossed Norfolk Terriers with Sealyham Terriers. Later, other Lucas Terrier owners continued breeding these dogs, keeping the breed alive. In the 1980’s in Great Britain, the Lucas Terrier Society was formed and was later renamed the Lucas Terrier Club. In 2006, the Lucas Terrier Club of America was formed.


This breed was named for its developer, Sir Jocelyn Lucas. While the names are confusingly similar, the Lucas Terrier and the Sporting Lucas Terrier are two distinct breeds.


The Lucas Terrier has a calm temperament and is eager to please. These characteristics make the breed good with children and easy to train.



These smart and eager to please dogs are easy to train.


Lucas Terriers are lively and require daily exercise and activity.


Lucas Terriers are suitable for both town and country life as long as they receive daily walks and have access to a yard. These dogs typically only bark when someone is approaching the door and are otherwise quite quiet. Friendly and loving, Lucas Terriers are great companions for families and children. As a low maintenance breed, the Lucas Terrier requires weekly brushing and occasional bathing.


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