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Portuguese Podengo

Veterinarian Reviewed on January 4, 2008 by Dr. Janice Huntingford

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Sighthounds and Pariah Dogs.


The smallest variety, the Podengo Pequeno, weighs approximately 9-11 pounds or 4-5 kg.


The smallest variety, the Podengo Pequeno, is approximately 20-30 cm at the withers.


The predominant colours include fawn and yellow either with or without markings in white. However, this breed can come in any colour other than solid white.


This breed has two different coat types — smooth coated or wire coated.



Intelligent and lively, Portuguese Podengos are very happy and playful animals. While these dogs are excellent performers in a variety of fields, they are also very loyal and affectionate companions that are a joy to have around.

Country of Origin:



This ancient breed hails from Portugal and comes in three sizes (pequeno, m├ędio, and grande) as well as two coat types (smooth coated and wire coated). Now mostly found in Portugal and Finland, it’s thought that this ancient hunting breed may have developed from dogs transported to Portugal by the Phoenicians. Portuguese Podengos were shown in the United States for the first time in 2001.


This breed is also known as the Podengo Portugues and the Portuguese Warren Hound.


Portuguese Podengos are adaptable and attentive dogs. Fearless and with great endurance, these dogs excel at a variety of activities such as hunting, tracking, and dog sports. Portuguese Podengos get along well with other dogs as well as with children.



Portuguese Podengos are intelligent, enthusiastic, and fast learners. All these characteristics make them very trainable dogs.


This breed is very lively and playful, and requires plenty of exercise and activity.


When properly trained and socialised, Portuguese Podengos get along well with children, livestock, and other dogs, making them excellent family companions. Potential owners should keep in mind that these dogs have a significant exercise requirement and a high activity level. Also, because Portuguese Podengos are excellent jumpers, climbers and diggers, regular fencing may not be adequate to contain these dogs. This breed is generally very healthy and typically lives well into the midteens.


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