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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Foreign Group.


5-7 pounds.


Singapuras are much smaller than average. In fact, this is the smallest cat breed in the world.


The only accepted color for Singapuras is golden ivory with sepia brown ticking.


Singapuras have very short, silky coats that lie close to their bodies.



This breed is very loving and affectionate. Singapuras are also very intelligent and curious, and will often attempt to assist their owners with various tasks such as cooking or typing at the computer. Although relatively undemanding, these adorable cats love attention and affection.

Country of Origin:



The Singapura originated in Singapore where it descended from a native cat breed. Singapuras first arrived in North America when an American couple brought home three of these cats and began to breed them. Still quite rare, Singapuras were only introduced to the Cat Fanciers Association in 1981. This breed is now considered to be a “national living monument” in the country of Singapore.


The name “Singapura” is the name for Singapore in the local Malay language and means “Lion City.” Additional names for this breed include Drain Cat and Kucinta.


Singapuras are good-natured cats that love to interact with their owners. While Singapuras do best with a single person, they do get along well with other pets. These cats are also very adaptable and can adjust to different living situations.



Singapuras are highly intelligent and trainable cats. However, due to their intelligence, owners must remain alert while training these cats to ensure that the Singapura does not end up taking the upper hand.


Singapuras are very active cats that like to be involved in their owner’s activities.


While not as demanding as some other breeds, Singapuras still require plenty of human interaction and affection. These lovable and curious cats may tend to attach themselves to one person in particular, but they also get along well with children who treat them gently and with other pets. While this breed adjusts well to different living situations, it’s always a good idea to have another cat in the house as a companion for your Singapura.


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