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Sphynx Cat

Veterinarian Reviewed on January 4, 2008 by Dr. Janice Huntingford

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Hairless Group.


8-10 pounds.




Sphynx Cats come with many different skin colours as well many markings and patterns that are typical to cat coats.


Sphynx Cats are hairless but do have a thin layer of fuzz over their bodies. These cats even lack eyebrows and whiskers.



These intelligent cats are very fun-loving and will keep you constantly entertained. Sphynx Cats are excellent companions and are very loving and affectionate.

Country of Origin:



It is believed that this breed originated in Toronto, Canada during the 1960’s as a result of a natural and spontaneous gene mutation. Although Sphynx Cats have been bred for several decades now, they are still quite rare. This breed is not universally recognized by cat clubs, but it was accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1998.


Sphynx Cats were so named for their resemblance to ancient sculptures of Egyptian cats. This breed is also known as the Sphinx Cat or Canadian Hairless.


Sphynx Cats have a very happy and joyful temperament. Incredibly merry and social, these cats love to be around humans, other cats, and dogs. Sphynx Cats also love to be the centre of attention.



Sphynx Cats are very intelligent and quite trainable.


These lively and entertaining cats have a high activity level and love to show off with their antics.


Sphynx Cats are excellent companions and will provide their owners with a very loving form of feline friendship. These cats are also natural performers and love to entertain their families. The life of the party, these cats like to receive plenty of attention and enjoy the company of humans and other animals. As a hairless breed, these cats are sometimes easier to have around for people with allergies. However, due to their lack of hair, Sphynx Cats require more frequent bathing than other breeds.


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