Dog Cancer Dietary Supplements

Veterinarian Reviewed on March 29, 2014 by Dr. Janice Huntingford

Dog Cancer Dietary Supplements

If your dog has been diagnosed with Dog Cancer you will want to ensure that you do everything possible to help them recover and get fit again. Often your vet will advise you to place them on a specific Dog Diet to coincide with their treatments. These diets can help them to build up their immune system and be healthier and fitter to fight the disease. You have to help your dog to build up the strength to fight this disease and they can get better with your help.

Why a specific diet

When your dog has cancer, their cells will begin to be destroyed and quite often so do their vital organs. You want to help to rebuild the tissues that are being destroyed and by giving your dog a diet that is rich in omegas, protein and fatty acids this will help to achieve this. If your dog is lacking fat then the body will have to take it from other places and these are often the organs. Often if your dog is not receiving the right diet and supplements then they will in fact die from organ failure and not cancer.

What supplements are the best?

Dog Omega Fatty Acids and omega 3, 6 and 9 are very important for helping your dog to rebuild the fats in their bodies. Fish oil is often given to dogs as it is high in all of these and can be added easily to their foods. You will be surprised how much your dog loves the fish oil and it really won’t be a chore to feed it to them. You should also try to feed your dog animal-based fats and proteins as these can help to rebuild their protein levels. Any food that you choose to give them should be high in meat and when reading the labels on their food you should try to avoid grains.

Changes to your dog’s diet

You may need to change the brand of food that you are giving to your dog, as what was important for their diet would have now changed. Although you will still want them to eat healthily, you should try to avoid grains and carbohydrates and provide more meat and high protein foods. Raw meat is very good for them and although you might be worried in the beginning if you start off slowly introducing it then they will be fine. You should aim to give them 75% of meat in their diet and this can be in several different forms.

Other foods to give to your dog

Raw meat in any form is great for your dog with cancer; you can either cube it very small or even mince it for them. Vegetables and fruit can also help and some dogs will love them, others may not be so keen but you could try to include them in their food. Raw eggs are advised as they are high in protein and yogurt and cottage cheese are also very good for your dog. Although you might think the diet seems strange it can benefit your dog and their recovery will be quicker.

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